I know you are ready for a "taste' of what's to come with CiteD. This is a perfect excuse to share what I developed for Guenevere's birthday in early November. CiteD is a collection of cards & simple tools that will 'up' the fun for families and their traveling friends by G.A.B.

I am passionate about celebrating the season and am a lifelong learner and educator. So, two years ago, while no longer a traditional classroom teacher, I started an Instagram account, ExploreObserveInspire. As CiteD takes shape, I have renamed it CiteD. If you are on Instagram or Facebook, you can follow me to Explore Observe and Inspire others.

Typically week-long trips are planned in detail; it's the teacher in me to be over planned. I will research the natural history and learning opportunities for myself and my girls ad-nauseum. That sort of vacation is planned months in advance and affords me the time to take care and pleasure in preparing activities, mini projects, and lessons to dig...

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