Respiratory System: Role Reversal Challenge -Remind Your Adult to 'Sit up Straight'


Respiratory System is also known as the Pulmonary System

What structures are involved in breathing?

This food model includes celery, which is the windwipe or trachea, raspberries to represent the bunches of alveoli, and banana as the diaphragm contracted.  

How can you help your body stay alert, oxygenating the brain, speak with a clear voice, and more? Correct your posture of the thoracic region & the neck, read more here: 

Now, for the challenge: 

1. Find someone sitting in your home. 

2. Explain to them the benefits of 'sitting up tall' . 

3. Share 3 ways they can do a self-check for posture.  

   Here are my suggestions to check posture, please make more suggestions below in comments

          (1) Sit up tall with shoulders down and pushed gentle back, like a string is pulling from the ceiling

          (2) Tuck your tailbone and straighten your spine to allow space in your torso 

          (3) Breathe fully, filling your chest cavity during inhalation and relaxing your belly when exhaling.

How can you help indoor air quality? Open windows to allow ventilation, and... Can you list 3 more things below in the comments?