A little structure goes a long way: CiteD on my mind


Typically week-long trips are planned in detail; it's the teacher in me to be over planned. I will research the natural history and learning opportunities for myself and my girls ad-nauseum. That sort of vacation is planned months in advance and affords me the time to take care and pleasure in preparing activities, mini projects, and lessons to dig deeper and see the place we're visiting. However, this weekend was not like that, it wasn't planned at all. My husband just returned a from a 5 month deployment, and Our goal was simply to spend time together in Crested Butte, Colorado. But, I have aspirations and still want necessary components for fabulous family travel, I harbored hopes to squeeze in some fun educational opportunities, science, history, art, and relaxation along the way. This would be the perfect example of when and why "Curated and Inspired Travel Experiences by Design" are so needed. 

Reviews, images and articles in advance help set the stage for learning. What do you expect to see? With more time and research, I could have anticipated wind, cotton, and corn fields that stretch on forever, extinct volcanos, and eventually the cottonwood color changes. Harnessing those opportunities means you anticipate them and even have the tools for creative play later along the journey.

We had ~36 hours in Crested Butte, how could I set the stage for us to have an observant mindset? Water colors are one of my favorite ways to 'take-in' the scenery. After all, these are the views of "Colorful Colorado" that can be replayed in tough moments and we can look forward to revisiting. Armed with a clipboard, watercolors and paper, both my daughter and I took 20 minutes to paint at several points. Keep in mind sketching can be a way to relax too!  

This trip, like all others, flew by. Once we're home the unpacking and cleaning seem to go on forever. I want to share the memories, pictures and moments. There is still so much I want us to process and take away! From personalized thank you notes & postcards to connecting the grade level classroom learning & current events there are infinite ways to have closure to this mini-vacation and perhaps inspire others. 

Ready and Eager to bring CiteD to you,