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Teaching Science, there is a perpetual focus on classroom engagement and facilitating content throughout the school year. This can be complemented by filling summers exploring and learning. For ten years this was my routine; before my own kids. However, as soon as my girls were talking and walking, I searched for ways to put that same energy into their growth and development. A colleague, friend, and neighbor wanted the same for her boys and so we began a year of structured after school mini- lessons and projects that culminated in a two-week RV trip to the American southwest. This was the first of many planned educational travel experiences for my family and friends.

Observe Connections in Learning

Twenty years of teaching science and developing curriculum have given me the knowledge and expertise to develop fun and educational activities. While in the secondary classroom, I designed STEAM, STEM, labs, and field-trip experiences for both public and private schools. Outside of school, I created science and art afternoons to add enrichment through activities. Now, while living in Texas, I volunteer as a Master Naturalist and continue to build materials for learning about natural history of the season and region.

Inspire Friends, Travel, & Action

I have always been passionate about teaching and learning natural history and the environment. Beyond the classroom, the world of travel was initially sparked in college on a group service trip to Costa Rica. Twenty five years later, conversations between friends & I have fueled and supported many adventures. Travels have been focused on cultured and natural experiences outdoors. This inspiration is evident in CiteD, as the founding roots were only made possible through collaborative efforts. Although, the future of CiteD is unknown, the core intent is to inspire natural history and environmental awareness during travel, while learning far away or at home.

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